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About Us

Our team of medical professionals has hands-on experience managing and growing successful medical groups and private practices. MDCS MSO is a Medical Consulting Practice Management firm that offers Billing and Collections.

We have been at the forefront of EMR/EHR technology and Data Analytics for our medical practices. We have teamed up with large EMR companies to work on pulling accurate data that a Medical Practice would need to see.

We are a Medical Consulting Practice management firm that offers Medical Service Management to Insurance Companies, Medical Physicians, and Surgery Centers in need of oversight. 

Mission, Vision & Values

At MDCS MSO, we understand that changes is not always easy. Since 2007, we've helped companies of all sizes respond to healthcare industry changes to stay competitive. MDCS MSO continues to stay true to our mission of managing and growing successful private practices and medical groups throughout California. 

Our Vision is to become the innovative leader in healthcare management and revenue optimization while improving patient experience, quality of care, cash flow, and profitability.

Our Values guide our decisions and ensure our success. At MDCS MSO, we are Friendly, Loving, Honest, Respectful, Competent, and Results Driven.

Attention to Detail

We bring breadth of knowledge in the areas of business strategy, operations, project management, IT, Engineering, and Clinical Research. Allow us to provide integrated solutions to help you and your business quickly identify opportunities to improve patient experience, cash flow, and profitability. 



With extensive expertise in Medical Billing, Financial and Operation Analysis, Human Resources, Marketing, Process Development, and Clinical Protocols, our focus is to:

  • Optimize insurance and patient collections
  • Implement robust user-friendly systems to support  your  operations
  • Increase the quality of your patient's experience
  • Bridge operational performance to financial performance
  • Increase the  profitability  and valuation of your business
  • Diversification of revenue

Contact us today for your free evaluation.

(949) 424-8994

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